Meet Your Neighbours

There’s so much we’re proud of here at The Rise, but nothing more than the sense of community spirit you’ll find among residents.

Not just neighbours, but friends

They came for the views in this majestic corner of the world, the sun and the four seasons of activities right at their doorsteps, but many will stay because they’ve found a kind of family.

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Rick &
					Dody Putz

Rick & Dody Putz

The cool thing here is you’re very close to the amenities, but it’s kind of like living in the country.

— Dody Putz
Lisa &
					Cliff Dumas

Lisa & Cliff Dumas

We’re hiking, walking, biking almost all year round. We boat. We do stand-up paddle boarding or just hang out at the beach. You name it—you can do it all.

— Cliff Dumas