Not just lake views, but the most stunning views of Okanagan Lake anywhere because from up here, the water stretches as far as the eye can see.

The Rise Signature Golf Course

Designed by the world-renowned player/architect team of Fred Couples and Gene Bates, The Rise is a spectacular championship course in Vernon, BC—it’s your perfect escape from the day-to-day.

1,000 feet above Okanagan Lake, with its dynamic layout, generous landing areas, and five sets of tees at every hole, this course proudly accommodates golfers of all abilities. Each hole has its own unique character, and 12 of them showcase incredible views of Okanagan Lake below. Rise above it all—come play at the top of the world and celebrate the best of the Okanagan lifestyle.

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Our Commitment to the Land, Plants and Wildlife

Before the bricks, before the blueprints, even, we conducted the most comprehensive environmental impact study ever done for a North Okanagan development.

We did this study because we consider ourselves stewards of the land, and we’re committed to protecting it for species great and small.

Throughout the property, we’ve set up wildlife corridors, protected riparian areas and wetlands, created new natural reserves for local habitat, and returned disturbed land to its natural state where possible.

Everywhere, we have been motivated by sustainability, respect for the land and a promise to future generations.

Homes are designed with locally sourced and recycled materials where possible. Lawns are landscaped with native plants and organic mulch, and watered with the help of rain sensors. Boulevards and fairways alike are irrigated with reclaimed water.

Our conditions are renowned despite prohibited use of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides within 10 metres of an open wetland or ephemeral stream. Even at the clubhouse, our chef sources produce from Okanagan farmers as well as goods such as sausage and bread from local artisans. We believe every little bit counts.

Local Art

To reflect our pursuit of balance, honour Mother Nature, and recognize the artists who also make Vernon special, The Rise is home to some extraordinary art.



Luna welcomes home the residents of Watermark, our gated community perched just above Okanagan Lake.

Before this rock revealed Luna, the goddess of the moon, it was 18,000 pounds of Mabel Lake marble. While world-renowned sculptor Deborah Wilson works almost exclusively with jade, it was important to us to use a local stone.

So, a crane dropped off to her a slab of marble from Mabel Lake, just north of Vernon, that was the size of a sofa. Even though this marble is known for its weight and extreme hardness, Wilson carved Luna—somehow as soft and gentle as the wind. Luna, according to mythology, influences earth’s energies, change and harmony amongst all living things.



Everyone who ascends the rolling slopes that lead to The Rise will see Brigid above a giant rock wall.

Brigid is the daughter of the Irish god Dagda, the ‘Good Father.’ In ancient times, people worshipped her and her two sisters of the same name: Brigid the Fire of the Hearth, the goddess of fertility and family; Brigid the Fire of the Forge, a patroness of arts and an advocate for justice; and Brigid the Fire of Inspiration, a muse for poetry and protector of all cultural learning.

Created by metal sculptor Doug Alcock, Brigid is a bowl of fire crowned by feathers hand forged with the ancient craft of blacksmithing.

We like to think Brigid’s flame lights the way and welcomes our residents home.